Baby Otters and Piglets at Audubon Zoo 

The Real Wild Animals of New Orleans journey behind the legend of GWE: Geeky Wacky Entomologists to discover the highs and lows of their roller coaster ride to fame. 

Click here to watch the rap duo in the studio recording the hit that made them famous, “Baby Got Bugs.”…

The Real Wild Animals of New Orleans - How Well Do YOU Know Audubon Zoo’s Elephants? from The Real Wild Animals of NOLA on Vimeo.

They’re giant, make big noises and have stolen the hearts of staff and visitors to Audubon Zoo for decades. In this webisode of The Real Wild Animals of New Orleans, Asian elephants Panya and Jean pack up their trunks for their new state-of-the-art home.

Audubon Zoo is part of the not for-profit Audubon Nature Institute in New Orleans, led by CEO Ron Forman.

Audubon Insectarium, New Orleans

Audubon Insectarium, New Orleans

In this latest episode of The Real Wild Animals of New Orleans, host Chriss Knight visits Audubon Aquarium and feeds the sharks! Watch more webisodes here:


Silverback Gorilla on Flickr.

Our brave host dives at for the latest installment of ! You can watch the video here:

It’s Webisode Wednesday! In this episode, host Chriss Knight dives into our Aquarium tanks to experience what life is like for a Volunteer Diver! Tune in every other Wednesday for a new webisode from @The Real Wild Animals of New Orleans!

With nothing more than webbed feet and some paint, Kohl, an African Penguin at the Audubon Aquarium, made his mark on the hearts of sports fans and animal-lovers alike in a recent online video.


One of the stars of Animal Planet L!VE’s Penguin Cam has been very vocal about one of America’s favorite sports lately. Kohl the Penguin, resident of the Audubon Aquariums of the Americas in New Orleans, is proving to be quite the feathered football fanatic and took to the internet to declare…